Mike Beckom

From the time Mike Beckom could hold a pen, his dad taught him how to draw and appreciate cartoons. Never one to like class instruction, Mike trotted off down his own path, eschewing formal instruction, and used his drawing skills for everything under the sun EXCEPT something useful. Early on, he’d draw to impress girls in school. Later, he’d draw to entertain his kids. As the years rolled by, Mike’s dad would ask, “So what’re you gonna DO with your talents?” Mostly, Mike didn’t “do.”

Until his dad died.

On that day, Mike set out to get just one cartoon published to tip his hat to his dad. What began as a labor of love has mushroomed into a nearly two decades-long career of doodles and drawings that have graced the pages of newspapers and magazines in seven states. Mike has collected multiple awards, including South Carolina and Georgia Press Association awards and two Mark of Excellence Awards, for his ‘toons and continues to churn out his editorial quips, much to the chagrin of those at whom he points his poisoned pens. “I’m pretty sure that the original cave paintings were most likely the editorial cartoons of their day,” Beckom says. “Those cavemen were a pretty opinionated lot. It only stands to reason that one who considers himself to be a knuckle-dragging caveman would carry on the tradition.”